My Top 10 Prenup Locations in Cebu City

My Top 10 Prenup Locations in Cebu City


I get so many question from my clients on the onset of our meeting when we conceptualize photo shoots, and one of them is “Geof, san po ang venue ng photo shoot?”, ” San kaya magandang mag pictorial, Geof?”  Worry no more guys, as you read on my top prenup photogenic shoot location are as follows:

  1. Temple of Leah – There is not much of Roman Architecture in Cebu so people get really excited for every corner is so photo genic. I even use the under ground my self! Situated in Barangay Busay just right behind mountain View.– Fee 2,500 Php for 2 -3 hours.


Photo: Team Benitez

2. Circa 1900 – Circa 1900 is a colonial house restored and turned into a white restaurant which makes it so picture perfect. Fee – 5,000Php , Location – Lahug, Cebu City


Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photography


3. Plantation bay – if you guys are looking for a one stop location where you can have your photos taken on the beach, on a jetty, of greens, and the spa, they look like Japanese temples! Fee – 5000Php and its consumable.


Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photography


4. Café Caw , – The interiors so industrial and your photographers gonna be happy for all the details they can get! Fee, 1500, consumable.


Photo: Josephy Aparente


5. Quarry Area, Casili – If you guys are looking for outdoors of massive chunked-land structures, this is your Arizona back drop as how we all call it.



6. Ayala Heights, Busay – Outdoors, greens, overlooking, Batanes-like? This is your place to be!


Photo: Robo Formacion


7. Big Q Farm, Sitio Cantipla ,Cebu City – A fireplace in a cute rustic wooden cabin, situated in the middle of a forest, over looking Cebu with pine trees and tall trees with a white horse which gets really foggy in the afternoon, dreamy isn’t it? Fee- 6000


Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photography


Photo: Shutterfairy Photography


8. Genesis Valley Mountain Resort – The weather can’t be trusted now a days. So to a photo genic covered area of light blues and white posts, this is your ideal. And pretty trees and greens are outside, too! Fee – 100 Php per person


2016-06-08_0019 Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photography2016-06-21_0015

Photo: Paopao Sanchez Photography


9. Camp Marina, Lahug. – Need I say more? This is every photographers favourite! Of forest feels? This is your place. Fee-10php per person.



10. Yap – San Diego Ancestral House – This awesome place houses the  most priceless antiquities and century-old treasures of Philippine history. And if you guys are wanting for some very nostalgic feels, you just found your spot.




Photo: Mikhail Arrogante




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